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Before the upgrade:

  1. Formerly the Fire Police Corps of Miaoli County.
  2. The Miaoli County Fire Department was officially established on 1999.01.15.

After the upgrade (at present):

  1. Officially renamed as the Miaoli County Government Fire Department on 2008.08.08.
  2. The organization code and establishment of the department was amended on 2011.11.11 with the organizational expansion to an establishment of 659 personnel from 389. 
  3. The construction of the new building of the department was finished on 2013.09.24 and is open to service. The department was relocated from No. 111 at Jinfeng Street of Miaoli City to No. 201 at Chingkuo Road Section IV of Miaoli City. 
  4. The department now administers 12 sections (offices), 1 depot, 5 groups and 20 branches.