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 Miaoli County fire department office The Bureau belongs to the Fire Police Corps of Miaoli County. In order to enhance the fire protection system in accordance with the central policy and the actual requirement, the Bureau is dedicated to be responsible for disaster protection and rescue, strengthen fire protection and safety and execute the decisions on public safety to ensure the lives and assets of the citizens of Miao-Li Shiang. Therefore, with the order from the Magistrate Fu, Syue-Peng to establish a fire bureau, the Bureau was officially established at 1999 January 15, which comprises of disaster prevention section, emergency rescue section, first-aid section, fire investigation section, disaster rescue command center, administrative office, personnel office, accounting office, ethics office and the 1st fire control group, 2nd fire control group, 3rd fire control group and 18 branches. The Taian branch was established at 1993 July 26, and in total have 19 branches.

The Bureau’s organization plan is approved by the letter from the Maioli County Government Miao-fu-ren-yi-tzu No. 8700077965 dated 1998 October 12, and reviewed and approved by the 3rd meeting of the 14th Miaoli County parliament on 1998 September 24, and agreed by the Examination Yuan with the letter PA- chi-kao-tai-chuan-fa-ssu-tzu No. 1701244 in record.
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Bureau Address: No.201,Sec.4,Jingguo Rd.,Miaoli County 360-54,Taiwan(ROC)
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